PCCNSW and its affiliates attend IFMWG event at Wollonggong

PCCNSW and its affiliates attend IFMWG event at Wollonggong,NSW
PCCNSW and its affiliates attend IFMWG event at Wollonggong,NSW.
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PCCNSW Board Members together with its affiliates were in attendance to the  Illawarra Filipino & Women’s Multicultural Group (IFMWG) organised event at Wollonggong, NSW on 11 Feb 2017.

PCCNSW was mentioned by IFMWG Chairperson Remie Macena in her message welcoming the guests and visitors during the event.

The PCCNSW board members in attendance were: Vice President External Alric Bulseco, Secretary and AUSLUZON Chairperson Darrel Swadling, Auditor Ethel Mendiola, Directors Mercy Jones and Rowena Turnbull and PCCNSW Public Officer and AUSMINDANAO President Serna Ladia.

PCCNSW 2009 President and AUSVISAYAN Chairperson Ronaldo Villaver, CRFCC President Lourdes Kaiser , Sevilla Swadling of APA Inc  and Espie Pogson of Ilocano Association of Australia (IAA) were the PCCNSW affiliates who were in attendance on this event.

The annual “Masquerade Ball and the Quest for King and Queen of Hearts” event of IFMWG was held at Builders Club and was well attended.

Masquerade Ball and Quest for King and Queen of Hearts at Wollonggong, NSW on 11 Feb 2017 organised by IFMWG.

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  1. Thank you for this vibrant and welcoming page created for
    Year 2017. What a brilliant idea to be able to inform the Filipino
    Community and Supporters of the PCC NSW what is going on in our region.
    Multicultural diversity is a platform that we all know all about . We hope
    our multicultural neighbours will avail of the knowledge that we Filipinos
    living in Australia are just like them. We have great leaders of our government who work with the common man, kabayan to belong , to live a life of contentment, love, understanding , hope and peace. Salamat PCC NSW for your efforts in sharing our cultural heritage, art , music, dance, history and fairness. Mabuhay!

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